Session 1. Week 1. Year 23/24

It’s the first week of Build the Tribe Quest!  


This group of young heroes spent most of the week building new relationships, playing team-building games, and bonding as a studio. As a group, heroes worked to complete a Lip Dub that may be submitted to the Acton Global Network Lip Dub Competition!  This project challenges them to work together to produce excellent work, listen to one another, compromise, express themselves, and provide feedback, all the while listening and dancing to a great song. They chose a song, memorized lyrics, planned movement, and filmed take after take. All week long, heroes laughed, put in tons of effort and hard work, and persevered through frustration.

It was a full week.  Heroes celebrated a birthday with the Circle Around the Sun Ceremony.  Other adventures included visiting the park next door and a walk to the main library.  They enjoyed a Hero’s Visit with Mama Halima (grandmother of a Spark Studio learner), who shared stories about her childhood, talked about her mentors/heroes, shared what she loved about her life’s work, and how she’s enjoying her freedom in retirement.

At Empowered Minds, we believe that reading sets you free in your learning and on your journey. So we make time every week where everyone reads. We discussed the quote, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free,” by Frederick Douglas. After sharing their favorite authors and titles, heroes participated in their first D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) of the year.

Each day the heroes practiced their discussion skills as they reflected on their inner gifts, their challenge zones, and their experiences with their Fellow Travelers, discussing questions like:

  • Which is more important – BEING KIND or BEING RIGHT?
  • Is it more important to have a clean studio, an organized studio, or a quiet/productive studio?
  • Which zone did you find yourself mostly in – Comfort Zone, Challenge Zone, or Panic Zone?
  • What was the key to creating this sacred place, freedom, focus, or friendship?

They also began creating studio systems for self-governance, debating guardrails, and caring for their space.

These heroes are on their way!


The Discovery Studio Blog and Spark Studio Journal provide context, insight, and an occasional love note for parents and caregivers.  We hope you arrive curious and leave with inspiration for your own Hero’s Journey.


Spark/Montessori Studio


“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”  Maria Montessori

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