Session 1. Weeks 4 & 5. Year 23/24

There are two questions that matter most for a hero in Discovery Studio:

  • Was I successful?
  • Did I have fun?

And these past two weeks have been full of fun and hard work.


Below are pics from Math Lab.  During Math Lab heroes are invited to work independently and collaboratively on math problems, learn new skills and strategies together, enjoy games, and complete puzzles.  Below are pictures of learners practicing the mathematical art of Origami;  it was a great opportunity to explore math in a hands-on way, be creative, practice self-kindness and patiences, and witness improvement over time.

One of their team building activities was called – Unlock the Box.  Their challenge was to solve puzzles and figure out the codes to unlock a series of locks.  The last locked box included a special prize.  Before their 30-minute timer began, we discussed Growth Mindset, and if you look closely, you may notice their self-made affirmation wristbands and their “I Have a Growth Mindset” wristbands.  This activity was lots of fun, at times very frustrating, and full of collaboration and problem-solving.

The hydroponic garden was set up with the first seedlings of the year.  They chose to grow butter lettuce, radicchio, red leaf lettuce and orange cauliflower.

The chore – Hydroponic Garden Champ – will be added to their list of studio maintenance jobs.  To maintain optimal growing conditions, learners will be responsible for checking the water levels, the pH of the water and adding nutrients through the growing seasons.

The Human Pipeline team building game is “an opportunity to plan and communicate as a team, to learn how to overcome difficulties together and make changes to the original plan in order to complete a task.” (source) Before and after the game, heroes were invited to reflect on their Frustration Tolerance levels.  If you are playing the game with a LOW Frustration Tolerance you might lash out when someone drops the ball or give up easily.  If you are playing the game with a HIGH Frustration Tolerance, you will celebrate your progress and have fun trying over and over again, and they had a lot of fun!

Conflict is inevitable,” and is a normal part of life, so learners are invited to embrace conflicts as opportunities to learn more about themselves and one another.  Shown in the pictures, they are acting out scripts and acting out scenarios that they created.

Core Skills highlights include:

  • A learner requesting a Montessori multiplication bead board to do hands-on math.
  • A Fellow Traveler celebrating their progress in Lexia.
  • and per usual lots of FLOW and focus.

On Friday, Discovery Studio took a field trip to the Triangle Rock Club and they had so… much… FUN! 


During the Session 1 Build the Tribe Quest, it’s nice to visit a place that invites challenges, both mental and physical. Heroes will face many obstacles this coming school year, whether it’s mastering a tough math skill, a growth edge for reading, or a brewing conflict with a studio mate. How will they overcome it all? Will it take grit, perseverance, focus, support, patience, or fierce determination?

This field trip celebrates their progress as a community and anticipates the struggles and triumphs ahead.


They are well on their way!


The Discovery Studio Blog and Spark Studio Journal provide context, insight, and an occasional love note for parents and caregivers.  We hope you arrive curious and leave with inspiration for your own Hero’s Journey.


Spark/Montessori Studio


“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”  Maria Montessori

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