Launching Fall 2022!

Empowered Minds Academy is a learner-driven community where learning is flexible and adaptable.


Instead of being taught, a guide equips you to take charge of your learning experiences through many channels, such as...

Core "LIFE" Skills

Mastering Reading, Writing, Math, and Civilization using computer simulations, peer feedback, and Kemetic Dialogue.


Competing and collaborating in a gamified series of real world projects to learn 21st Century Skills.


Experimenting with entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders to hone your most precious gifts and talents until you find your calling in life.

Online Learning

Working hard at your own pace using online tools such as Khan, School Yourself, Read Theory, DuoLingo, FreeCodeCamp, and MOOCs.

Dual Enrollment

Hacking high school and college to move as quickly as you can to an adventure.

Passion Projects

Learning to play the violin, writing a book, creating a trailer for a documentary, building a tiny home, prototyping an app, or practicing 30 days of random acts of kindness.

Do you want to…

Choose your Next Great Adventure!

Whatever your goal(s), you can design an experience that propels you towards your ambition.

Rethink High School

Would you rather attend your dream college or university, or launch a startup?

Your accomplishments will be showcased in a series of BADGES that will dazzle admissions officers at top notch universities or convince employees, partners and investors to join forces in a world-changing start up.

Empowered Minds Academy Launch Pad is for extraordinary people, willing to work hard towards a dream.

STEP ONE: Take a short survey.

STEP TWO: You’ll be given a second survey that allows us to learn more about you and you will learn more about our model.

STEP THREE: Submit a two minute video with your stand on an ethical dilemma.

STEP FOUR: Collaborative Interview. This meeting is informal and offers us a chance to ask questions and learn together.

STEP FIVE: Invitation to Enroll and begin Onboarding.

Begin your journey by taking this short survey:

When you graduate from Empowered Minds Academy, you’ll be able to talk to admissions officers and future employers about…


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