A Refreshing Approach

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Our studios are a blend of the old and the new – a return to the one-room community-centered schoolhouses – with the best of modern technology and 21st century organizational design.

In a tightly knit community bound by shared mission, promises and accountability, young people develop deep friendships and the skills to keep them for the long run.

Spark Studio

Ages 3 - 6

  • 1

    Authentic Montessori

  • 2

    Play and explore natural interests

  • 3

    Be curious and have fun

The purpose of Spark is:

  • to foster academic, physical, and emotional independence through developmentally appropriate works inspired by Maria Montessori,
  • to spark curiosity through hands-on experiences and play-based challenges, and
  • to equip learners for the next steps of their journey by applying the Hero’s Journey philosophy.

Discovery Studio

Ages 7 - 10

  • 1

    Have fun and be kind

  • 2

    Set and track goals

  • 3

    Ask great questions

The purpose of Discovery is:

  • build a foundation of learning and discovery through personalized Core Skills, exploratory Quest projects, and play,
  • binds the community together and builds problem solving through collaboration and plenty of free play, and
  • explore the arts, sciences, history and natural world through hands-on projects each afternoon with simulations that require teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

Empowered Minds: An Acton Academy  ©️ 2023

Empowered Minds: An Acton Academy  ©️ 2023