CORE SKILLS – is a time for EMA scholars to work independently on their math, reading, and writing skills at their own pace.   Scholars engage in activities (e.g. blended online learning, peer tutoring, pen/pencil-to-paper work, learning/play centers) that are differentiated by age and skill level.  As a learning community, scholars are encouraged to be accountable, mindful, and supportive of one another whether working alone or collaboratively.

STUDIO TIME (Genius Hour/20% Time) –  is a collaborative space and time for EMA scholars to explore questions, challenges, topics or technologies of their interest, at their own pace, and in directions of their choosing.  

PROJECT TIMEis a collaborative space and time for EMA scholars to work on open-ended projects and challenges within “set” parameters, most often culminating with a community sharing event (student-led conferences or scheduled exhibition) or real-world application.  Projects invite learners to delve deeply into many subjects, including STEAM, Langauge Arts, Social Sciences, Health/Wellness, and more.


EMA Got the News:  VOL. 1 – Issue 1 – A student-initiated project, EMA youth were challenged by a peer to collectively produce a digital newsletter.  Press the PRESENT button to view/read.

Kwanzaa 2016 Short Story Anthology – Writers were asked to use the writing process to create a collection of stories that entertained and educated their readers about a chosen Kwanzaa principle.  Did our writers accomplish this goal?

     Block by Block by Selah and M. Valine
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